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​DEMBIS THIOUNG presents Bene Tally Band at Hootananny Brixton 

Date: Sunday 10th May  2020

Venue: Hootananny Brixton

95 Effra Rd, Brixton, London SW2 1DF


Bene Tally Band was initiated by Dembis Thioung with the intention to merge all his musical experiences in one stage: introducing the world to the West African dundun drum and other percussion instruments by combining live band performances with drum & dance workshops while praising his Griot heritage transmitting reflexions on the most important aspects of life.

The audience will be encouraged to be part of the performance by joining singing traditional songs, dancing at the vertiginous legendary rhythms and accompanying the percussionists with spontaneous sounds. They will have the opportunity to connect with the deep self, the others, the world and all life, be put in a trance, and receive the powerful healing benefits of the West African wisdom!

As a lead-in show, Dembis Thioung will also present a showcase of melodies he has created along with his Dundun Drum apprentices.


 Dundun Drum & Dance previous editions: Video and image gallery


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